When The Sharks Come

A short story by Ray Pittman

“A Thrilling Adventure & Heart-Pounding Read”

As a young man in love with the sea, Ray Pittman finds his life threatened by pirates, shipwrecks, mysterious invaders and sharks in the ocean in the dark of night.

 Ray wrestles with his beliefs in the jungles of Southeast Asia where he is raised, and discovers he cannot be a bystander in the fight for his soul.



“A thrilling adventure and heart-pounding read.”

Jeff Kinley

Bestselling Author

“Get ready for a stormy journey of laughter and tears that will cary you to distant worlds.” 

Steve Richardson

President, Pioneers USA

“Ray’s journey will leave you breathless . . . inspired to see the world in a different way.”  

Melinda Estabrooks

TV, Podcast, web show host & international speaker

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